Shaped by micro-shows and puppetry, she explores the potential of the relationship vis-à-vis and of the artistic languages connected to it. Her projects are strongly oriented towards the search for original solution to question taken up by the community.

Born in 1972.
She received her training at the GRM Drama School in Turin (Italy), in 1999, directed by Giovanni Moretti and Alfonso Cipolla, working with many different theatre productions for actors and puppets, together with the group that was founded by the school. After obtaining her degree at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, with a dissertation on puppet theatre, she guided theatrical tours for pupils at primary and middle schools during exhibitions. She taken advantage of the language of puppet theatre to provide an alternative approach to tour, show and teach.
She approached for the first time the technical of theatre in a box (action box / cajas de accion) studying with the argentinian astronomer, playwright and puppet master Horacio Tignanelli.

She made her debut as a solo performer when Valentino’s Flea Circus, a micro-show in a box for one person at a time played with objects and imagination, was first presented at the International Puppet Festival Arrivano dal Mare! in Cervia (Italy, 2002), and still rolling in national and international stages.
With this show, was selected by the Piedmont Region to be part of the project “ARTINSTRADA Il Piemonte dal Vivo” at the Festival Chalon dans la Rue 2008 and “ETRE MARIONNETTE Piemonte dal Vivo” at the Festival of Charleville Mezieres 2009.

In 2009, she wrote and produce the show Piantalalà, a speechless double performance, with objects and a mime (Chiara Vallini, from the Company I Vicini di Peppino), about the double meanings of sounds and the gap between perception and interpretation. Thanks for helping: Luì Angelini (La voce delle cose)

With “Lunargentina” (2010) she used storytelling with animated figures, playing in dialogues with childrens to explore the theme of loneliness and the harshness of the trip in relation to the other.

The Safety box, presented for the first time in 2010 in a construction site in Milan, is another micro-performance with objects in a box, on the topic of safety at work, for adults or young adults, workers and public. The first step of a largest project called IN-SICUREZZA, supported by IN SITU (European Network for creation in public space) in 2010 and produced by a private investor: GAE Engineering.

The IN-SICUREZZA project continues, changing area, with the blog vis-à guarda mentre attraversa (look while crossing), a written gallery of real life images of encounters on pedestrian crossings. A laboratory about the relationships between users in urban spaces.

Since 2011, and steadily since 2013, with La Lettrice vis-à-vis (participatory performance of micro-conversations and reading, in public and private space, with catalogs ad hoc) she has shifted the balance between performance and relationship. The first has become functional at the second.

Since 2011, with the Associazione Culturale C’era l’acca and Network Su Misura she was involved with her artistic and organizational skills in support of festivals and events in La Reggia di Venaria Reale (Turin)

From 2011 she is artis member of IN SITU, European network for artistic creation in public space.

Since 2013 she works as a street artist in free form, to complement the structured professional form with the research and the constant dialoguing with the public space in its immediacy.




HORACIO TIGNANELLI Horacio Tignanelli (hereinafter HT), born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), is puppeteer and astronomer, and performs in both areas. His professional development – educational and artistic – is both science and education in science. Specializing in science education for children and teenagers, has worked particularly in education and non-formal education through art. As a puppeteer HT has formed and directed several ensembles, riding over 35 shows, most works created by himself. HT has done extensive national and international tours, taking their shows in Latin America (particularly Brazil) and Europe (particularly Italy). HT is the author of several works of puppetry (comedies and popular science), which have been published in several anthologies. As playwright has also published two books with his selected theater plays. As much as HT has participated in congresses of astronomy and education, has also done so national and international events linked to the puppet theater, as important festivals of puppet theater and relevant international art events. His artwork has received sponsorship and subsidies from government and private institutions (in Argentina and abroad). In addition, HT has received various awards and distinctions throughout his career, particularly for his contribution to puppetry, and scientific theater. At the present (2013) his theater company is known as “THE AD HOC THEATER COMPANY” and his works in repertory are the theatrical installation “Epiphenomena’s Laboratory”, the theatrical lessons “Lucifer, in the right measure”, and the plays “Galileo, on the table”, “The puppeter of the dove”, “Scenarios of Science” and (forthcoming) the theatrical installation “End of Croquis”. Valentino’s Flea Circus is part of a collection of pieces written especially for the cajas da accion (lit.